Dell founder hits out at netbooks

'Give me my 15 inch screen back!'

Dell netbooks are popular

In something of an unusual marketing strategy, Dell founder Michael Dell has criticised netbooks – insisting that after a honeymoon period, most laptop users are desperate to get back to a big screen and fast processor.

Dell's 'mini' series has done well for the company in the netbook arena, but it appears that Michael Dell is not a big fan.

"If you take a user who's used to a 14- or 15-inch notebook and you say 'Here's a 10-inch netbook,' they're gonna say 'Hey, this is so fantastic. It's so cute. It's so light. I love it,'" said Dell.

"But about 36 hours later, they're saying 'The screen's gonna have to go. Give me my 15-inch screen back'.

No satisfaction

"We see a fair amount of customers not really being that satisfied with the smaller screen and the lower performance - unless it's like a secondary machine or it's a very first machine and the expectations are low," he added.

"As a replacement machine for an experienced user, it's not what we'd recommend. It's not a good experience, and we don't see users very happy with those."

Obviously there is a greater profit in full-size-laptops, but Dell's comments certainly ring true.

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