Orange gives away free Asus Eee PCs

Well, not free exactly, but you'll get the gist...

Orange is set to continue the theme of offering laptops to takers of mobile broadband deals by throwing an Asus EEE PC 900 at new customers.

For those taking the £25 a month, two year contract, The Register says they can get 3GB per month's worth of surfing fun-time, and the chance to send 100 texts from the device.

Have you ever tried sending a text from a PC? It's like email, but…well…rubbish. AND you generally have to pay for it.

Low-cost lappie

The model on offer is the 16GB version of the low-cost lappie, with an 8.9 inch display and an Intel Celeron processor, so no Atom fun for you.

If you think life indoors is just too boring, and laptops these days are too high powered and bulky, pick one of these deals up from Orange outlets or the website from the 16 August.

You also get a free HSDPA modem with the package…just don't forget the laptop will be rubbish in two years, given the speed they're being released and updated these days.



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