Weather layer added to Google Maps

Makes meteorologists of us all

Google has added a nifty new weather layer to the web version of Google Maps.

As well as giving you an overview of the weather for any location you search for, if you're zoomed out far enough you'll see a weather report style overlay of relevant icons over the map.

The sun and moon icons also give you a handy heads up about whether its day or night in the area you're looking at.

I don't care what the Googleman says

You turn on the weather reports in the same little box that allows you to toggle traffic reports and photos on and off, situated in the top right hand corner of the map.

The weather conditions reported are taken from the US Naval Research Lab so you'd hope they'd be fairly accurate.

But if you happen to be checking the Google Maps weather for London right now, be prepared for some pretty gloomy viewing.

From GoogleLattLong


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