Spotify now available on Boxee Box

Yet another home for the streaming service

Spotify now available on Boxee Box

Spotify and D-Link have teamed up to offer the music service through the Boxee Box.

The streaming app is now available to anyone with a premium subscription to the music service and marks yet another home ent system that Spotify can be played on.

It has been a massively busy year for Spotify, with the service launching in the US and signing probably the biggest deal it will ever make – bringing music to Facebook.

Boxing clever

Before its Facebook link-up, however, Spotify was making in-roads in the home entertainment market, landing first on Sonos' systems and more recently Western Digital.

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The app on the Boxee Box looks just like Spotify does on a PC and you have access to the what's New section. You won't be able to make playlists through the Boxee setup, however.

Although the app is free, a Spotify Premium subscription will cost you £9.99 a month – but for that you get all the '80s soft rock you will ever need (and many other trendy songs).