Google Chrome available for download now!

Download Google Chrome and try it out for yourself today

The beta of Google Chrome has hit the web for download.

Download Google Chrome

We've just grabbed a copy. It took less than 30 seconds to download and another 30 seconds or so to install.

Google Chrome looks good - clean and uncluttered, and Google's decision to move the browser tabs to the top of the window isn't as odd as it might have seemed, given that we were all used to them being under the address window in Firefox and IE. But you'll have to get used to pushing that mouse cursor a little higher when you want to close a tab. Lack of mouse gestures is frustrating, though.

What's good and bad in Google Chrome? Read our full hands-on review.

Google is just wrapping up its press conference where the company talked in more depth about why it created a new browser - our summary will be posted soon.

Stay tuned!


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