Watch HD movies on new Asus Eee Box 206

Asus' new Eee Box 206 is certainly going to appeal to those movie buffs that want a cheap and cheerful way of playing high definition movies from a cute little desktop PC.

That's because the Asus Eee Box 206 offers a few rather handy features in the shape of HDMI connectivity and a HD decoding graphics card.

And if that's not enough for you, it also comes with a remote control, so you can shove it next to your TV, should you so wish, right next to your equally diddy Nintendo Wii.

Power-saving PC

In terms of the other features - you pretty much get what you pay for (which, at £309 is not all that bad) with an Intel Atom processor, 160GB hard drive, 1GB of RAM, Wi-Fi and Windows XP.

Power-saving is the other USP of Asus' new mini-PC, with the company claiming that owners that leave their computers on would save on average £105 a year.

TechRadar should be getting a full hands on with the machine at CeBit this week, so stay tuned for our in-depth thoughts and opinions very soon.