There's something slightly awesome about the Model XS DAB+. It's actually attached to the faux leather-topped metal case it comes with, with the foldout finish creating a clever clamshell look. With FM, DAB and DAB+ radios, a couple of alarms and a built-in five hour battery, the Geneva Sound System Model XS DAB+ has touch-sensitive buttons and a subtle red LED-lit display behind the speaker grille.

And - best of all - its Bluetooth connectivity produces stereo sound from a smartphone that's more detailed and balanced than some mini hi-fi speakers. Weighing half a kilo (1.1lbs), it's a high-end option for anyone after a travel alarm clock with an extra special dimension.

10 best portable speakers

Libratone Zipp - £330/US$400/AU$500

There's nothing sheepish about this wool-covered AirPlay speaker

A rather hefty-looking circular speaker best used around the home, the Libratone Zipp comes with interchangeable red, grey and blue woollen sleeves for an unusual look. With AirPlay for Apple devices and PlayDirect for direct link-up to all others, at four hours the Zipp has a slightly short rechargeable battery life, though decently chunky bass, sufficient competency in the mid-range and good clarity.

It's heavy at 1.8kg (4lbs) and way over-priced - that much is obvious - but those after something unusual for carting from house to garden to bedroom to bathroom will love the Zipp.

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10 best portable speakers

Bang & Olufsen Beolit 12 - £600/US$800/AU$990

AirPlay & Danish design on this high-end slice of style

If a portable wireless option is the star turn on this luxury item, the presence of Apple AirPlay connectivity will make it a must-have in certain social circles. Promising eight hours playback on a single charge, the mains cable then tucks into the Bang & Olufsen Beolit 12, which can fully replenish an iPhone when necessary.

The leather strap, hand-assembled aluminium casing and retro design that echoes the brand's transistor radios from the 1960s are the highlights, but it's that AirPlay connectivity that really sets the tone. However, at 2.8kg (6.2lbs) the Beolit 12 won't be leaving home anytime soon.