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How changing your mobile phone deal right now could save you £63 per year

sim only deals

SIM only users waste an average of 2GB of data every month with their mobile phone plan - that's according to a new study from Citizens Advice. It's a problem that affects around 12 million SIM only users in the UK and could include you!

The estimated waste in money is a massive £800 million a year, with 71% of SIM only customers overpaying for unused data. That means an average of £63 per person per year - so over a fiver a month.

This follows a similar recent study from Citizens Advice which found networks are making around £475 million per year from customers who don't change plan after their contract runs out.

Citizens Advice also found that by making your purchase online you're more likely to save money. Those buying online waste around 2.6GB per month compared to 4.2GB for those that got their deal in store.

Gillian Guy, Chief Executive of Citizens Advice, said: "While we wait for industry to improve support for customers, individuals can take action too. Anyone looking to save money should check their data usage and see if they can switch to a cheaper deal that matches what they use."

The good news is that you can save money by switching to a plan that suits your data usage better. Right now you could change to a better tariff by checking out TechRadar's guide to the best SIM only deals. You'll find all the bargains and big dat deals laid out to help you save money right now.

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