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Sony Ericsson P910i review

An improvement on a near-perfect smartphone

Our Verdict

It's an ideal all-in-one device: all the power of a PDA, with the compact dimensions of a mobile phone


  • More memory and apps than its predecessor

    Improved touchscreen


  • Why does Sony persist with Memory Stick Duo?

If the P900 gets close to being the perfect smartphone, then the P910i inches closer still. It's not exactly a small device - in truth, it's disappointingly tubby. But at the same time it's far more trouserfriendly than a similarly-specced PDA phone, and it boasts a touchsensitive display that many smaller Windows smartphones lack.

Sony Ericsson has merely spit-and-polished its ageing P900 instead of redesigning it. The 910i is the same basic size as its predecessor and finished in the same 'urban' grey. The biggest change is the addition of a small QWERTY keyboard on the reverse side of the phone's flip. Beneath it, the P900's 65K-colour LCD has been replaced with a 262K-colour screen.

The improvements aren't just cosmetic. Sony Ericsson has quadrupled the memory to 64MB, while the Memory Stick Duo slot remains on the right-hand edge to boost the storage space. The core applications have been supplemented by Music Player and Packet Video MPEG-4 playback software, while the Communicorder enslaves the VGA camera for stills and video. Usefully, three new apps have been added that were sorely missing from the P900 - a PDF viewer, MS Word-compatible word processor and a spreadsheet.

The P910i retains the Symbian web browser used on the P900, but it's now possible to link the handset into a Blackberry server. With its ability to act as phone, net terminal, entertainment device and work tool, it's hard not to like the P910i. Handwriting recognition and PC synchronisation round off an impressive and intelligent package.