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Macally Accuglide review

Tiny, light and accurate: for Mac users on the go

This teeny mouse can be quite awkward to use over longer periods of time

Our Verdict

A good little performer, but there’s nowhere to tidily wrap up the USB cable


  • Works straight out of the box
  • Compact


  • Awkward cable
  • Can be quite fiddly to use

This slimline, wired mouse (powered via USB) takes up next to no space in a laptop bag and is particularly good for presentation work on the road.

Like all super-small mice, though, it's fiddly to use over a long period of time, so isn't the ideal solution for regular office work.

Works from the box

The mouse comes with three buttons - left, right and scroll-click. There's also the dragging ability of the scrollwheel. Everything works as it should.

There's no need to install a software driver; the Accuglide works right out of the box. You don't even have to restart your computer.

On the downside, there's nowhere to hide the wired USB cable. We just wound it around the mouse, which is clumsy - some kind of retractable setup would've been nice.

There are plenty of other tiny wired/wireless mice on the market, remember, so hunt around for one that suits. Kensington and Belkin do good ones, too.