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Apple Bluetooth Mighty Mouse review

Right-click, but not as you know it...

It's white, so, so white.

Our Verdict

Please. Register. My. Right. Button. Click


  • Look, no wires

    Full right-click compatibility


  • Buttons not as good as a standard mouse

    You pay through the nose for it

It's easy to spot Apple zealots in a crowd. They're the ones smashing the right edges of their mice in a vain attempt to get them to register a single right-click.

The Mighty Mouse's buttonless design was lauded by all who saw it, of course, but those stuck with using it soon lost patience. With this long awaited Bluetooth version, Apple had a chance to correct the faults of the original, but all it's really done is to pull the squeaker's tail off.

The trackball on top is novel, though, and the battery life is reasonable, but - we wouldn't recommending this for gaming. PCFormat Staff