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Belinea 2225S1W review

More is less, more or less...

The picture quality is poor and unfortunately the nice price doesn't quite make up for it

Our Verdict

In this instance, the low price definitely shows that corners have been cut


  • The price looks good


  • Noticeable light bleed

Just over two hundred earth pounds for a 22-inch widescreen monitor looks like staggering value for money, in theory. But has Belinea cut any corners in practice with this monitor? In a word, yes. The most obvious casualty is the deletion of digital connectivity.

That's leaves the 2225S1W with a single analogue VGA socket and allows it to sneak under the UK DVI and HDMI import duty barrier. If that's a sensible compromise, the manifestly mediocre TN Film LCD technology is less welcome.

Only the cheapest panels suffer from noticeable light bleed these days, so you know there's some barrel scraping going on when you spot the bright patches at the top and bottom of the panel. Overall, the 2225S1W's washed out image quality and lack of vibrancy adds up to something of a false economy.