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Save £20 on the Tesco Hudl - now just £99!

Save £20 on the Tesco Hudl - now just £99!
The Hudl is even better value than usual at under £100

The Tesco Hudl is a winner in the value stakes on any day, but if you snap it up today, you'll be getting an even bigger bargain than usual. Buy it from Tesco for a cool £99 and you'll save over 16% on the regular price.

The Hudl is a well-specced machine, especially given its low price point, with a solid construction and a decent 7-inch display. Stock Android is still rare enough that it's worthy of mention here as a stand-out feature, with Tesco wisely keeping its tinkering to a minimum.

And it's a well connected device too, with microSD and Micro-HDMI slots adding expansion and connectivity options that you don't always get in compact tablets. Altogether, there aren't many better ways you can spend £100.