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What's on our (tech)radar?

What are your must-have apps?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter - I'm lumping these social networks into one section because I'm always bouncing between the three all day. I wish I weren't so distracted with them, but that's my life. I'd say between the three, the one I use and check the most is Instagram. I'm a visual kind of guy and I love seeing what people are up to and following the work of other photographers.

Wunderlist - I have a pretty damn good memory, if I do say so myself, but with my work here at TechRadar, weddings, errands and other commitments, I'm bound to forget something if I don't put it on a list. Wunderlist is super easy for me and I like that it syncs between the desktop version and the mobile app.



Evernote - For the same reason I use Wunderlist, I can't remember all the little important details in my life. I love the flexibility and features of Evernote, like storing photos and voice memos, along with the ability to sync between the desktop and mobile apps. Evernote is so feature-rich and easy to use that I pay for the premium version and can't imagine using anything else.

Up - I'm not as fit as I used to be or want to be, but I try to get myself moving everyday and I like tracking it with the Jawbone Up24. I'm also a terrible sleeper since I have sleep apnea, and the Up app shows me how well I've been sleeping, too. Looking at the app depresses me sometimes, but it also motivates me to make big or subtle changes to my daily habits to improve my health.

PicTapGo - This is my go-to photo editing app. Adjusting exposure, color, contrast and everything in between is super easy with this app, and it lets me post directly to my social networks. What I love most about PicTapGo is that you can post to Instagram in the photo's original ratio without having to crop or sacrifice image quality, too. You can do that with other apps, but I find that the others tend to degrade the photo quality before posting.



Spotify - In my former life, I was a musician, and I guess I still am. I listen to music all day and night, and I love discovering new bands and listening to older stuff, too. Spotify's music selection seems to be improving by the day, so most of what I want to hear is on there. I like making playlists on the desktop app since it's easier than doing so on the mobile app, at least for me, and then it syncs right on my mobile app. I use the paid/premium version.

Feedly - I don't feel as insane as I used to trying to keep up with every last bit of news every day. I think the fact that Google killed off Google Reader helped a little. Feedly allows me to digest headlines much easier, and the layout and UI is great. I love the iOS and Android versions.

Non-essentials that I love

These are the thing that I don't really use or need every single day, but I love them and would be sad if they disappeared from my life.

Fuji Provia/Velvia 100 (120 medium format) - This stuff is getting really expensive, but then again, so is most film. Buying film and processing it is so pricey, I couldn't imagine doing it every single week. The color and contrast of this film is amazing, although its latitude is not. When you nail your photo, however, it looks incredible.

Holga 120 - I love this medium format toy camera. And sometimes I'll stick that expensive Provia/Velvia film in it, which people think is crazy. But having a set shutter speed and aperture is what makes it challenging and fun, and I love the look of photos from this camera regardless of film type I put in it.

My Wish List

There's not much I want, honestly. But if I had to pick one thing, it would be a full-frame mirrorless camera that performs exactly like a DSLR in terms of autofocus capabilities and speed. I believe we're going to get there one day, because Sony and others are getting close, but I'd love to swap out my DSLRs for mirrorless cameras and smaller lenses, too.