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Bluetooth blood monitor can alert smartphone before a heart attack

Blood monotir sensor
Changes in blood chemistry can be communicated to medical staff as they happen

Scientists in Switzerland are finalising work on a new implant that can monitor the levels of chemicals in the blood and send vital information to smartphones about a person's health.

This information could alert doctors to an imminent heart attack by reporting an increase in sepcific proteins present in the body prior to a cardiac incident. This is just one of numerous natural compounds that this monitor could keep track of. Diabetic patients could also benefit greatly from having their sugar levels monitored closely by this device.

The implant is 14mm in length, and is powered by an "intelligent patch"; a wireless inductive charger than transmits 10-milliwatts of power to the sensor below the skin. The patch also receives the information from the sensor and trasmits it to a connected device, like a smartphone or a tablet.

Via Extreme Tech

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