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Voxi teams up with PayPal to provide the 'youth' new mobile phone deals

voxi mobile phone deals

Vodafone's so-called youth mobile brand Voxi has teamed up with PayPal to offer a new way for people aged under 30 to buy their next smartphone. Previously sticking to selling SIM only deals exclusively, from October Voxi will feature handset deals, too.

The result is a method to spread the cost of even the latest handset, like the iPhone XS, without committing to a network contract. This means £0 up front cost and 0% interest all thanks to PayPal Credit. This allows you to pay off chunks when you need or pay the lot off at once to get an upgrade.

If you want that iPhone XS, for example, you'll be looking at a cost of £49 per month including a £10 per month Voxi SIM plan that gets you Endless Social Media data, 6GB of data allowance, plus unlimited minutes and texts. 

Voxi SIM only plans are flexible allowing you to change month to month and include free data for certain websites and social media like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. The plans also let you roam for free using your own allowances in 48 European destinations.