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Vodafone's fibre broadband deals now below £20 a month for existing customers

Fibre broadband deals
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For a good few weeks, Vodafone managed to hold the position of being one of the best fibre broadband deals around thanks to a free speed upgrade promotion. Now, Vodafone has scrapped that offer, replacing it with yet another market-leading set-up.

This new promotion means that if you go for Vodafone's Superfast Fibre 2 package, you will now be paying a drastically higher price than before...95p more to be exact. So if that's practically the same as before, what's changed?

Vodafone has now brought the price of its Superfast Fibre 1 deal down, hitting a bargain price of just £19.95 for those who have a Vodafone phone contract. And costing £21.95 for non-existing customers. The prices are actually cheap either way.

With this lowered price on Vodafone's cheaper fibre plan, the ISP currently sits as one of the cheapest fibre plans, with the most competition coming from Plusnet and its cashback plans

Vodafone's cheap fibre broadband deal in full: 

Vodafone Superfast 1 Broadband | 18 months | Avg speeds 35Mb | Line rental incl. | FREE activation | £21.95pm (or £19.95 for existing Vodafone customers)
The cheaper of the two options, if you already have a phone contract with Vodafone you will be paying just £19.95 a month. That makes this one of the cheapest fibre broadband deals around right now. The £21.95 most customers will pay still falls in as one of the cheapest offers out there.
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Vodafone Superfast 2 Broadband | 18 months | Avg speeds 63Mb | Line rental incl. | FREE activation | £23.95pm (or £21.95 for existing Vodafone customers)
Just £2 a month more gets you Vodafone's Superfast 2 broadband package. This has only gone up by 95p a month from its market-leading price we saw before meaning it still tops the market. If you want a faster fibre package, this will be the one to go for.
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What other broadband deals are there right now?

Not a fan of what Vodafone has to offer? Luckily there is plenty of other options lying around right now. If you don't mind relying on cashback, Plusnet can go even cheaper on fibre than Vodafone.

With a monthly price of £22.99, getting you speeds averaging 36Mb, Plusnet already looks good. Throw in the £70 in cashback and you're effectively paying just £19.10 a month. 

Or for a similar offer, BT is also offering a bit of a cash incentive. Get BT's Superfast Fibre package with speeds averaging 50Mb and you'll pay £28.98 a month. However, BT will also throw in a £80 reward card to lower that cost.

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