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Sony magic box does PC-free HD TV video editing

Sony Handycam
The MC10 makes it easier to get your video off this onto a DVD or HD TV

Standalone disk burners for camcorders have been around for ages, but have always offered slightly too little convenience to make it worthwhile bothering with one. However, Sony's new drive may just tip the balance.

The Japan-only (for now) VDR-MC10 goes on sale there in October for around ¥45,000 (£221). That outlay gets you the usual ability to dump video straight to DVD and plenty more besides.

High-def too

As well as some reasonably complex video editing that can be done via the 2.7-inch colour screen, the 1.75kg MC10 has the full range of I/O ports, including HDMI for getting your flicks on that jumbo HD TV.

Video can be input directly from a camcorder – any kind should work, not just Sony's marque – with the preferred flavour being AVCHD, which supports compressed high-definition.

On top of that, there are slots for all manner of Memory Sticks, SD and CompactFlash cards. Whatever the source, the end result of your labours gets burned to a 12cm DVD, with support for still shots a nice extra.