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Nvidia to put boot into Intel graphics?

Nvidia is looking to establish itself inside lower end Intel PCs

Reports suggest Nvidia is to release a new line of GeForce series integrated graphics chips for Intel PCs tomorrow. Designed to compete against Intel's G35 series of on-board graphics processors, Nvidia wants to enable more lower-end Intel users with no dedicated graphics to be able to play high-end games.

Nvidia product manager David Ragones says that Nvidia will sell the new chips "at or below the price of the Intel chips," according to

A leading analyst doesn't think Nvidia will have any problems establishing itself in the Intel integrated market. "As for going up against a strong competitor, that's nothing for Nvidia," Jon Peddie, head of Jon Peddie Research, told Reuters. "They've got great technology and superior marketing skills."

Nvidia's integrated sales stats make interesting reading - Nvidia powers over 60 per cent of dedicated graphics inside AMD PCs. But it powers less than a single per cent of those inside Intel machines - hence the new launch.

X38 'Skulltrail' gaming chipset

For the high end, Intel announced at last week's Intel Developer Forum that it would be launching its X38 gaming chipset on 10 October - previously revealed as the 'Skulltrail' prototype. It's thought the new set-up will be wholly compatible with Nvidia SLI dual graphics card arrangements.