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Virgin Media unveils TiVo iPad app

Virgin Media unveils TiVo iPad app
It's TiVo time

Virgin Media has finally taken the wraps off its TiVo iPad app which allows users to control their Tivo boxes from their Apple flavoured slate.

You'll be able to brose the EPG and set recordings on your iPad, as well as catching up on programmes stored in the service's on demand library, even if the TiVo box itself is showing something else at the same time.

A couple of nifty swipes later, and that on demand content you were watching on your iPad is now showing on the TV instead. Very handy indeed.

TiVo app

Update time

A software update is on the cards, which will make the boxes play nicely with iPads, with Virgin Media promising this roll-out to come in the coming months.

The company is also promising that new features will be added to the boxes as part of the same software update.

TiVo ipad app

Virgin Media also announced that Samsung will be making its next generation TiVo boxes, which will roll out at the end of this year.