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DisneyLife will let you stream everything Disney, wherever you are

All the Disney, all the time

Disney has just lifted the lid on the dream app for kids and parents alike. DisneyLife will be a new monthly subscription service giving you instant access to the biggest collection of Disney and Disney Pixar goodies around.

It's first and foremost a mobile service, aimed at iOS and Android devices, but with full support for both AirPlay and Chromecast your content doesn't have to just stick around on your phone or tablet.

For your £9.99 a month subscription you get access to movies, TV channels, video box sets, music and books.


That now-typical tenner/month price might seem a little steep when you may also have other video or music-on-demand subscriptions leaching cash from your bank accounts, but there promises to be a huge wealth of content available come launch time.


For the diligent parent you can also set specific time limits to the individual profiles aligned to an account.


You can have different limits depending on weekday or weekends too.

The whole family can have their own profile, with up to six individual logins per account, using their choice of Disney characters as their avatars.

It promises to be a seriously content-rich service and even though it's designed to be mobile DisneyLife will also allow you to access it offline temporarily with support for downloads. Perfect for those long plane, train and automobile journeys where you need to pacify the kids with some Disney pretties.

The new DisneyLife service will launch in November this year, in perfect time for the Christmas holidays.