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All 4 is bringing Peep Show to your Chromecast

Peep Show

Just in time for techradar's streaming day, Channel 4 has announced that it's bringing its All 4 service to Chromecast.

The service, which you used to know as 4OD, will arrive on November 24 and let you beam Channel 4 content over Wi-Fi to your TV using an Android phone or tablet, or even the Chrome browser. It will be available on the All 4 iOS app from mid-december.

All 4 offers live and catchup content from Channel 4, and joins several other streaming serves on the device including BBC iPlayer, Spotify and Netflix.

Google's Chromecast got a refresh in September to make it faster while keeping the price down to just £30, making it a respectable rival to Apple TV and Roku.

It also got a new sibling, Chromecast Audio - a dongle that lets you stream music straight from your phone to a speaker.