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You can snag Final Fantasy XV Day One Edition for $35/£35 today

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You better sit down for this. Are you sitting? Good. 

You can pick up a copy of the Final Fantasy XV Day One Edition on Amazon for just $35 or £35 today – around 50% off its usual price.

It’s a pretty insane deal considering that the game is a.) really, really good, and b.) just came out three weeks ago. But hey, it’s like I always say, you can’t look a gift chocobo in the beak.

Interestingly, while Final Fantasy XV comes as more a shock given its insanely long development time, it wasn’t the only game in recent memory to get the ol’ price slash – Titanfall 2 had a hefty one just two weeks after it came out, too.

One reason could be because of the intense competition that comes around this time of year and customers spending far fewer dollars on retail copies than they used to. Another reason could be simply that Square Enix wants to end the year on a high-note to keep investors happy.

Whatever the reason, the deal’s going to be gone before you can say “72-hour boss fight” so you should probably jump on it ASAP.

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