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Sony's USB stick Walkman gets garish makeover


Hot on the heels of yesterday's new high-end Walkman, the NWZ-A820, Sony Japan brings a touch of colour to its entry-level flash players with swappable outer jackets.

The newcomers to the 28g E series of USB-loving sticks are the NW-E023F, E025F and E026F, clocking in at 1GB, 2GB and 4GB respectively. Pricing runs from ¥11,000 (£52) up to ¥16,000 (£76), which puts them somewhere between the iPods shuffle and nano.

Dress you up

For an extra ¥1,000 (£5) Japanese shoppers (no word on overseas releases yet) get to choose from 20 different snap-on 'Style-Up' panels for dressing their players up like little dolls.

With a selection as, ahem, rich and varied as Violet Glitter and Honeycomb Orange, it's a wonder how anyone will manage to choose, so Sony probably hopes bling-crazed punters will just grab a handful.

On the technical front, there's a three-line colour screen, an FM tuner, support for MP3, WMA, AAC, PCM and ATRAC, while battery life stretches to a very healthy 30 hours max.