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This SIM card gives you all-you-can-eat WhatsApp absolutely free

FreedomPop WhatsApp
FreedomPop WhatsApp
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Does anyone really use their phone to make all that many calls anymore? Quirky SIM-only network FreedomPop doesn't seem to think so. It is today launching a new plan focussed almost entirely around WhatsApp usage.

And the best bit? It's absolutely free, aside from a £5 postage fee.

Following on from a similar offer that the mobile firm launched in the US earlier this year, UK FreedomPoppers can now get unrestricted, unlimited WhatsApp access (over both mobile data and Wi-Fi), along with 200MB of data and 100 call minutes.

The deal

Those data and minutes allowances aren't going to go very far on their own, though they do stack on top of every FreedomPop user's existing allowance, which already includes 200 SMS texts. But unless you're going to buy additional FreedomPop add-ons, you're essentially rocking a WhatsApp-focussed phone.

That said, WhatsApp's VoIP call quality is pretty good these days, and its core messaging abilities have already replaced SMS texting for many of the app's users. So it's not a bad deal by any definition.

Should you need additional data, you'll be charged at 2p per megabyte, though a £15 upfront fee gives you 1GB of data.

And FreedomPop is being pretty generous with its roaming options, rivalling Three's Feel at Home in the number of countries it is supporting with free coverage.

So long as you're sticking to WhatsApp, you can visit the US, most of Europe and Asian countries including Bangladesh, Thailand and Vietnam without incurring extra costs.

Rival ChatSim offers something similar with a little more flexibility – an £8 one-off SIM charge paired with an annual £8 fee gives you access to unlimited use of a number of top messaging apps (including WhatsApp) in 150 countries around the world. But for that sweet zero-pence rate, FreedomPop is the way to go.

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