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Motorola brings superfast mobile broadband to UK

Will LTE bring truly mobile superfast broadband?
Will LTE bring truly mobile superfast broadband?

Motorola has brought 4G Long Term Evolution technology to the UK, ushering in a new era of super-fast mobile broadband.

It's only in the testing phase at the moment in Swindon, and won't be available to the wider public for some time yet, but the move still shows that work on making the UK more mobile is progressing.

LTE has been dubbed the successor to 3G networks worldwide, as telecommunication companies attempt to harness the popularity of wireless internet.

Motorola's new role

"Motorola is at the forefront of 4G development which will address the mobility demands of today's consumers who are looking for personalised media experiences and operators looking to lower their cost per bit and gain a competitive advantage," said Joe Cozzolino Motorola Home & Networks Mobility's senior vice president and general manager.

Theoretically, LTE could offer download speeds of up to 100Mbps, but as with current mobile broadband over 3G, the further from the base unit the user is the slower the speeds.

LTE also faces competition from WiMAX as the next 4G standard, despite the difference between two standards being similar to that of WiFi and 3G. However, HTC has released a '4G' phone based on WiMAX, the HTC Max, so we could be in for another thrilling standards battle royale.