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Vodafone slashes roaming charges in 8 countries, but it'll still cost you

Vodafone slashes roaming in 8 countries, but it's not free
Roaming is getting cheaper and cheaper

Vodafone has taken a leaf out of Three's "Feel at Home" book with its WorldTraveller service allowing customers to use their UK minutes, texts and data allowances abroad.

WorldTaveller launches today for Vodafone's pay monthly customers, but unlike Three's offering it's not free of charge.

Instead you'll have to pay £5 per day for the privilege of using your contracted minutes, texts and data in the USA, India, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Ghana, Qatar and South Africa.

You'll also be able to receive calls and texts for free when you sign up to WorldTraveller - which can be done by dialling 5555 from your Vodafone mobile and opting into the service.

Step in the right direction

While it may not be as value for money on paper, it's still a big step forward in reducing roaming charges in long haul destinations as they can be exceedingly steep.

Recently we've seen roaming charges slashed for all operators across the European Union, and Vodafone has its EuroTraveller service which provides the same features as WorldTraveller in most European countries for £3 per day (it's only £2 per day until the end of August 2014).