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Sony: Nokia's 41MP phone 'not plausible' for retail

Sony: Nokia's 41MP phone 'not plausible' for retail
Will the Nokia 808 Pureview actually go on sale?

Sony's camera division has stated it believes Nokia will struggle to sell its upcoming 41MP-endowed 808 Pureview smartphone.

Unveiled at MWC 2012, the new handset obliterates all-comers in the megapixel race that's been plaguing mobile phones for years, but Paul Genge from Sony Imaging has told TechRadar he thinks it will be a difficult message to sell to consumers:

"[The Nokia 808 Pureview] is still only a technological announcement; it's not a plausible retail solution yet.

"The mobile phone networks will have to see whether they want to endorse it and put it in their line-up that they offer to consumers."

No data, no likey

"It doesn't greatly offer them any improved data traffic, which is what they're looking for all the time."

Genge also pointed to the fact Nokia's doesn't have a 'Plan B' should the networks decide that a super-cameraphone is going to be easy to sell following its decision to exit the high street:

"Nokia UK has closed down all of its own retailers; it will only get into the market if a mobile network provider picks it up, we'll have to wait and see if that's the case."