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Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman and Txt Pro announced

We be zappin, we be zappin with you
We be zappin, we be zappin with you

Sony Ericsson has used the medium of Facebook to release details of two new phones, the Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman and the Sony Ericsson Txt Pro.

Both handsets have features that point to the teenage market.

As you can tell by the name, the Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman is part of SE's music-orientated line of handsets.

It even has a Zappin key that allows you to listen to preview tracks on your phone before you decide that's the tune to annoy everyone else on the bus.

Alongside this must-have feature, the handset boasts a three-inch capacitive screen, a camera and Wi-Fi.

Txt pro

The Sony Ericsson Txt Pro is, amazingly, for those who like to text. Because of this it has been given a QWERTY slide out keyboard, the same three-inch capacitive screen and a 3.2MP camera.

There's also a friends application so you can see what your mates are up to on Facebook, Twitter and the like.

The Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman UK release date is the same as the Txt Pro's; the third quarter of this year.

Via Mobile News