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Nokia to ditch Symbian early?

Nokia to ditch Symbian early?
Wave bye bye Symbian...

We already knew that Symbian's (now renamed Belle) days were numbered, but they could be even fewer than originally expected.

In an interview for TechRadar, Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop accepted that the Symbian operating system has experienced significant decline, especially in the US and UK markets.

He goes on to say that Nokia is "hearing from consumers that it [Symbian] had some pretty fundamental competitive challenges that there was [no way to solve]."

Close one door and another one opens

In a bid to turn round fortunes, Nokia signed a deal with Microsoft to use its Windows Phone operating system in future handsets.

This provides Nokia with software which is capable of keeping up with the current mobile tech advances and allows the Finnish company to cut costs and focus on innovations which are truly meaningful.

Elop hopes that the new partnership, giving Nokia the ability to focus on innovation, will allow it to set itself apart from the competition: "We selected an alternative platform because we were enduring a significant decline in Symbian," he added.