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Nokia set to shut down Ovi Music Unlimited

Comes with Music shutting its doors
Comes with Music shutting its doors

Nokia's oft-maligned unlimited music service looks set to be coming to an end after internal documents were leaked online.

According to Esphoneblog, no more Ovi Music Unlimited (formerly known as Comes With Music) devices will be shipped, and after 16 January this year customers have not been able to renew their unlimited music license.

Those that have already bought an OMU device and haven't activated the free music download service still can do so, but won't be able to renew it in a year's time.

DRM downer

Nokia's Comes With Music service debuted all the way back in October 2008, but has seen poor take up in places like the UK – although enjoyed better success in regions like Singapore.

The high price of the devices, as well as the music being hard to download and locked to a PC and phone, are some of the reasons touted for the low user base – had Nokia managed to bring DRM Comes With Music to everywhere, and not just China, then perhaps it would have been a different story.

We'll be chasing Nokia today for confirmation of this decision, but it seems pretty likely that we're not going to be seeing unlimited music from Nokia again.

Via Esphoneblog