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Nokia: 'Multi-core phones are just a waste of battery'

'Mulit-core phones are just a waste of battery'
Single-core is the best in the real world according to Nokia

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has claimed that dual-core and quad-core phones are not helping consumers.

Speaking in an interview with a Chinese newspaper, Elop highlighted that many multi-core handsets suffer from battery issues.

Elop said: "The so-called dual-core, quad-core mobile phones can only waste batteries, but not be useful for consumers all the time."

Battery waste

Nokia are yet to release a dual or quad core phone, and Elop is quick to point out that the Nokia Lumia 900 is beating all iPhone and Android handsets which cross its path in its "Smoked by Windows Phone" marketing campaign.

It's worth noting that the Windows Phone 7 operating system does not support mulit-core processors, something Windows Phone 8 Apollo is expected to address and which may be the real reason Nokia has stayed on the single-core path.

Nokia may have competition straight out of the Windows Phone 8 starting blocks though, as Samsung's Taiwanese arm has claimed the company will be launching a handset running the new operating system when it launches in October.

From Yangcheng via ITProPortal