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Nokia claims 1m Ovi downloads a day

Nokia claims Ovi Store going great guns
Nokia claims Ovi Store going great guns

Nokia has started talking up its Ovi Store statistics, claiming that it is enjoying some pretty handy growth.

The Ovi Store, which houses all manner of downloadable items like applications and wallpapers, is apparently now churning our one million digital downloads a month.

George Linardos, Nokia's Vice President of Product/Media, said: "We're doing just under one million downloads a day, and our download numbers are growing 100% month-on-month," according to Mobile Entertainment.

Tight lipped

And not only that, but Nokia intends to completely revamp the store in the next year, which has been kept out the spotlight by the likes of the Android Market and Apple's App Store.

Although staying tight lipped on the way this new site will look, Linardos did say the current store was only a temporary measure to collate Nokia's content, and the next version will be both more attractive and functional.

"All the while there's been this new platform being built in the background, which we'll be talking about in the next couple of months and launching in the spring with what we're calling 2.0," he added.

Via Mobile Entertainment