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iOS 5 to feature auto app downloads?

iOS 5 - the countdown begins
iOS 5 - the countdown begins

Automatic app downloads appear to be a feature coming to iOS devices in the iOS 5 update set to be unveiled later today.

That's right, Apple's WWDC keynote speech is a mere five hours away, but that's plenty of time to squeeze in some last-minute rumours.

This one's a doozy; it could mean that you'll no longer have to go into the app store and physically instruct the device to install app updates, it'll just do it automatically as updates become available.

And if apps can sync wirelessly in the new OS, what else will be able to? Could we see wireless syncing on the iPhone at last?

Automated applications

The rumour was kickstarted by a page in iTunes which says, "If your device has Automatic Download enabled for apps, your updates will download to your device without having to sync."

The page has since been pulled, but luckily MacRumors managed to snag a screengrab before it disappeared:

iOS 5 app downloads

Via MacRumors

And you can check out T3's video of iOS 5 from WWDC