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HTC One Mini UK release date set for August 9 to battle Galaxy S4 Mini?

HTC One Mini UK release date set for August 9 to battle Galaxy S4 Mini?
Another Samsung vs HTC battle is looming on a smaller scale

The recent flurry of news and speculation regarding the forthcoming HTC One Mini seems like the calm before the storm compared to the last couple of days' goings on.

Just yesterday we saw purported leaked photos and specs, while a HTC blog post also alerted the world to little things that pack a big punch. Today we have a purported UK release date.

According to Twitter leakster Vizileaks, the diminutive version of the company's awesome flagship HTC One smartphone will go on sale in Blighty on August 9.

While not quite as prolific as the EVLeaks account, Vizileaks does have previous in this area. The account was the first to alert the world that the Nokia Lumia 1020 would be named as such.

Not that Mini

A UK release date of August 9 would allow HTC to meet the threat of the rival Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini - which is expected to go on sale in the next couple of weeks - head-on.

Monday's leaked spec sheet suggested the device will come packing a 4.3-inch display, making it 'Mini' only by very modern standards.

That screen is rumoured to pack a 720p resolution, while a 1.4GHz dual-core processor is said to be doing the work in the engine room.

It's also set to include the distinctive aluminium unibody and the innovate Ultrapixel camera, both of which helped the senior device become TechRadar's top-rated smartphone on the planet.