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Carmack shows off Rage for iPhone

Rage for iPhone
Rage for iPhone - want, want, want

Doom legend John Carmack has shown off a new game for iPhone which shows just what the smarpthone can do.

Carmack has long been known for pushing the boundaries with his games, and Rage for iPhone will be available later in the year.

And the head of games developer id Software also suggested that a second game would be timed to launch alongside its PC big brother.

E3 hit

The PC version of Rage was shown off at E3 this year, but phone fans will be delighted that it is also coming to the iPhone 4, and the game offers a 60 frames per second and 'megatextures'

Carmack has been a long time proponent of Apple iPhones, and his latest game for the platform was shown off at Quakecon 2010.

And if you own an Android phone the news is not good – no plans as yet for a Googleised version.