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Apple iWork released for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

iWork gets re-worked
iWork gets re-worked

Apple has announced that it has redesigned its iWork software for iOS devices – including the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Not content with announcing just what we will see at WWDC this year, Apple has decided to unveil a mobile version of iWork which is "completely redesigned for iOS and Apple's revolutionary Multi-Touch interface".

Office, sweet

Keynote, Pages and Numbers have all been given separate app releases, costing £5.99 each. If you are an iPad user and already have iWork, then the new redesigned apps come as a free upgrade.

Apple is bigging up its iWork apps, calling Pages "the most beautiful word processor ever designed for a mobile device".

It also thinks highly of Keynote ("makes it easy to create impressive presentations") and Numbers, explaining: "Numbers uses Multi-Touch gestures and an intelligent keyboard to help you create compelling, great-looking spreadsheets."

It's great to see Apple port its software onto mobile devices, considering the mobile version of Microsoft's Office suite is a big pull for those looking to get a Windows Phone 7 handset.