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Another Nokia N9 UK release date revealed?

Nokia N9 - might be coming soon
Nokia N9 - might be coming soon

Orange Switzerland has joined the Nokia N9 release date guessing game, telling customers that it will launch on 15 September.

A quick look at the Orange UK website, however, reveals neither hide nor hair of the Nokia N9 in its coming soon section, so the UK release date is still a long way from being confirmed.

Orange Switzerland isn't the first European website to take a stab at predicting when the MeeGo-running smartphone will hit the shops, with websites from Kazakhstan and Russia already opting for the earlier date of 19 August.

Nokia's folly

Although the potential release date is still in flux, TechRadar has already had a bit of hands on time with the handset, during which we declared the MeeGo OS to be "a better OS than Symbian ever had been".

The colourful new design, 1GHz processor and 1GB of RAM certainly have the potential to add up to an impressive handset.

But with Nokia only hinting that its UK release date will be "later this year", who knows how long it will be before you can try the N9 out for yourself?

Live vicariously through us in the meantime, with our Nokia N9 hands on video:

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