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Apple patents multi-touchscreen mouse

Apple patents multitouch mouse featuring small display
Apple patents multitouch mouse featuring small display

Apple has patented a wireless mouse design with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that features a built-in touchscreen display.

The design of Apple's futuristic peripheral is referred to, in rather obviously literal terms, as a "Computer Input Device Including a Display Device."

Multi-use mouse

The mouse's touchscreen display is said to be capable of multiple types of use, either as a simple info display or as a customisable touchscreen input device.

Alongside the touchscreen display on the futuristic Magic Mouse sites two physical buttons, much like a traditional mouse, and an optical track navigation system.

Apple launched its Magic Trackpad last summer, targeting graphic designers and those users that preferred a larger multitouch device to the standard mouse.

In its latest patent Apple hopes that the usability of a computer might be improved by future input devices which are 'more communicative' and more aesthetically pleasing to the user.

Via Apple Insider