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Creative media player suffers identity crisis

The new Krystal
The new Krystal

The new Krystal media player from Creative is one of those gadgets that just makes you go…hmmm.

Packing a 4GB memory into its diminutive little frame, it has a 0.7inch OLED screen and FM radio playback.

So far, so good and when you learn it has a built in pedometer to help you track your runs etc, then you might start thinking about reaching for the wallet.

Sports and games

However, the fact Creative begins to harp at the sports angle on its website makes things a little more confusing.

"The ZEN Krystal's built-in pedometer function can track the distance ran, the speed you were running at as well as the amount of calories burnt during your exercise workout," parps the site.

But it goes on to mention a stopwatch (technologically advanced or what?) and then throws in a mention of motion sensitive games to 'give you a high'.

What? Motion sensitive games on a 64 pixel square monochrome screen on a sports device? Why?

It doesn't make the tea though, thus losing valuable 'random function points'.

It's available for around £45 from Hong Kong.