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Sony Ericsson packs Madonna on phones

Sony Ericsson
This AND Madonna? Wishes do come true

We all know the dilemma…you want a Sony Ericsson handset AND the new Madonna ‘Hard Candy’ album, but you don’t have the cash for both.

What to do? Shun the handset and buy the album to listen to Madge and Justin Timberlake every day on repeat? Or live an existence devoid of such musical charm but with a Walkman-branded handset?

Well, panic over, because now Sony Ericsson is bundling the album digitally in 27 countries.


The bundle will come in two versions: five tracks off the album for those Madonna-lite fans, and the full album with wallpaper and ringtones for those hardcore Madge-o-philes.

“But I live in Lithuania / Latvia / Scandinavia / Estonia, what do I do?” Well, don’t worry, because you can get a voucher with the W890 phone for the album!

Belgium or Czech Republic Madonna fan? You get a CD with the W350i handset! South and Central America, as well as the Caribbean are getting the album digitally bundled, though no word on whether UK (which is where Madonna now lives) is getting the treat.