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Sony Ericsson loses camera on G700

The Sony Ericsson G700
The Sony Ericsson G700

Sony Ericsson has obviously had a good hard look at the G700 model and thought about how to make it more attractive to the business user.

The answer: ditch the 3.2MP camera and make it grey. Now everyone in a suit will want it!

The original device seemed to be fairly business-y anyway, with an Opera Browser, document reading, push email and 320 hours standby time.

Asia exclusive

The success of a camera-less phone will be interesting to note, as it has become one of the must-haves for any handset these days (hear that, Jobs?)

The problem for all of camera-haters jumping with joy: it will only be available in Asia.

Looks like the rest of you will have to weep while taking 'hilarious' pictures of yourself with various hats on.