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Nokia 6260 Slide slips out onto the streets

The Nokia 6260 Slide
The Nokia 6260 Slide

Nokia has released another phone to add to the millions milling around in its mobile zoo, this time re-hashing the Nokia 6220 classic into a slider design.

Basically, this is a phone that wouldn't look out of place in a late 90s advert for wood sealant, doing pretty much all the things it sets out to and not much more.

Nokia clearly has got the 'piano black, rounded corners' bug in its design studio at the moment, with the 6260 looking a lot like the N96 and N81 among others... in fact, if you dropped it into a room full of today's gadgets, you'd have trouble picking it out.

Navigational fun

There's a 5MP camera with the now mandatory Carl Zeiss lens, photo and video sharing thanks to Nokia's under-rated Ovi service, and an aGPS chip in there for some fun time navigation on the move.

Oh, it's also got a spot of Wi-Fi in there as well for good measure, so if you're after a new handset that will do what it's supposed to, then get this handset for £250 without subsidy, coming at the beginning of 2009.