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iPhone 4 dips out of USwitch top five UK mobiles list

Apple's iPhone 4 - down but not out
Apple's iPhone 4 - down but not out

Online comparison site,, has released a chart suggesting that the British public is falling out of love with the iPhone 4.

USwitch compiled the list of the "nation's" top ten mobile phones by tracking searches and sales for mobile phone handsets on, meaning that we can't exactly take it as gospel that the list accurately represents the mood of the British public.

Seemingly enamoured of HTC at the moment, USwitch users sought and bought the HTC Desire, HTC Desire HD and HTC Wildfire more than any other handsets in February.

Bad apple

Apple's iPhone 4 has apparently slipped three places since January, coming to rest at the sixth spot in the site's chart.

Over in Cupertino, alarm bells will be ringing. They'll be running around like headless chickens, tearing their hair out and calling emergency meetings to work out how to once again appeal to USwitch's user base.

Perhaps by launching a new handset? The next in the range, perhaps the iPhone 5?

No doubt the looming spectre of the next iPhone is putting people off investing in the shiny, slippery iPhone 4 for now; after all, it's a silly time to buy a new iPhone or iPad given that refreshes are imminent.

Grudgingly, we'll admit that USwitch may have a point about lower HTC pricing, marketing pushes and enticing PAYG deals adding to the popularity of the top five handsets - despite its own forthcoming launches.

But we still don't think Apple has too much to worry about; it sold over 46 million handsets last year and appetite for the iPhone shows no sign of abating if the abundance of iPhone 5 rumours are anything to go by.