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Sony Tablet P US release date announced

Sony Tablet P
The Sony Tablet P finally comes to the US on March 9th.

The Sony Tablet P is finally coming to the states, with the dual-screen folding device arriving in just a few days time.

The Sony Tablet P's US release date is March 4th. It will cost $399 with a two-year contract with AT&T.

It's been available for months in the UK, and we already have a review.

That contract will require a $35 a month 3GB data plan, or you can bump the plan to 5GB a month for $50.

Game and watch

The Sony Tablet P is a unique dual-screened tablet that folds in the middle, ala Nintendo DS. Both screens measure 5.5-inches, and gaming is clearly a priority.

The Tablet P is Playstation-certified and sports a 1GHz processor, a 5MP camera, and 4GB internal storage.

So what do you think? Is the price right for a gaming-centric tablet or would you rather save some money and buy the multi-featured PS Vita?