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Sony's sub-1kg Vaio Type-G laptop

Weighing only 898g, the Type-G Vaio is one of the lightest notebooks around

Sony has today launched the Vaio Business laptop brand - a range of laptops aimed specifically at mobile business users.

Sony's Vaio computers have long had the mid-range laptop and multimedia desktop market in their sights. But the absence of a specifically business laptop PC has always been glaring until today's launch.

This morning in Tokyo saw the launch of the new range, along with the company's first offering in the range, the Vaio Type G. At 898g, the 165,000-yen (£739) Type G is - according to Sony Japan - the lightest notebook PC with a 12.1-inch screen available.

Sony based the design of the Vaio Type G on feedback from 1,300 Japanese business people, achieving the weight reduction through use of carbon in the chassis, heat sink and graphics card. Other attractions include a 6-hour battery and a slim, light power adapter.