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Sony to release 2D-to-3D sheet for VAIO S

Sony is to launch a lenticular sheet, which can be placed on top of a 2D notebook, to enable 3D images to be viewed without the need for special glasses.

The sheet will be released as an accessory for the new Sony VAIO S notebook announced at IFA last week.

The 3mm-thick sheet will be clipped to over the laptop's 15.5-inch LED display enabling users to see 3D pictures and video with the naked eye.

The sheet, which costs 129 Euros (£113), effectively turns the VAIO S into a 3D laptop and could do the same for others if Sony decides to broaden its use of the technology to other lines.

3D viewing experience

When using the panel, an accompanying application will make use of the VAIO S's webcam to calculate the position of the user's face in order to provide the best 3D viewing experience.

Viewers will need to be between 30cm-1m away from the screen with a horizontal viewing angle of 60-120 degrees.

The height of the viewer's face is also taken into consideration when optimising the 3D viewing angle.

Link: TechOn (via Engadget)