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Sony video sharing site goes high definition

The BRX-NT1 set-top box is key to streaming online HD TV content so a Sony Bravia TV.

We recently speculated that YouTube might one day soon be delivering high-definition online video instead of the grainy clips that proliferate now, but Sony Japan's eyeVio video-sharing site has beaten the Google company to the punch by starting an HD TV service yesterday.

EyeVio HD sounds suspiciously like an alpha, rather than even a beta, service to us but it does offer a few 1280 x 720 high-def flicks in combination with Sony's new BRX-NT1 network set-top box, which sells for ¥27,800 (£123).

Bravia new world

The idea is that the smattering of HD TV content now on the eyeVio site can be streamed from the site through the BRX-NT1 to a suitable Bravia television set, rather than watched on a PC. So far, only a dozen or so animated titles are available and all are, of course, in Japanese, although they are free to view.

Come next spring, eyeVio users will be able to upload their own high-definition content for on-site sharing, which should make for an interesting window on what's ahead for the rest of the video-sharing world outside high-bandwidth Japan