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Tesco gives Netflix, Lovefilm a run for their money with free film streaming

Tesco gives Netflix, Lovefilm a run for its money with free streaming
Clubcard TV - almost definitely aimed at your mum

Tesco is trialling a new film and TV streaming service called Clubcard TV, which promises to be 'free forever'.

The beta trial is running only with Tesco staff at the moment, and when it opens up to the wider public you'll have to be a card-carrying Clubcard member to make use of it.

Tesco says the 'free forever' stance is "a thank you to our customers" so there'll be no charges, no contracts and no subscription fees.

Clubcard TV is powered by Blinkbox, the streaming site that Tesco bought an 80 per cent share of in 2011.

There doesn't seem to be an abundance of up-to-the-minute releases available at present, with the likes of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps proving one of the TV highlights and a film called Cheesecake Casserole is one of the featured movies.

Now, we haven't seen (or heard of) Cheesecake Casserole so it might be amazing. Probably not though.

Lovefilm and Netflix: we think you might be safe for now.

From Tesco via Gizmodo UK