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Catholic Church getting lessons from Google

Just don't tweet in church...
Just don't tweet in church...

The Catholic Church is going to be given lessons on modern communication by experts from Facebook, Google, YouTube and Wikipedia.

A four-day conference attended by Catholic officials from across Europe will aim to school them in spreading God's word – 21st Century style.

It's not the first time that the Catholic Church has shown willing in looking to modern technology, and the powerful religion has already taken major steps into modernising its message.

A new message

But the conference will aim to give officials more information on how to take their message that little bit further with the younger, more computer savvy, generations.

And there will even be talks from a Swiss hacker and an Interpol cyber-crime expert, as well as the internet's information big hitters.

And maybe it will stop Archbishops accusing Facebook of dehumanising kids.

Via The Telegraph